360 degree led light bulb lamp

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360 degree led light bulb lamp

360 degree led light bulb lamp


LED Bulb light big angle

As everyone knows, LED bulb lamp is better than the traditional incandescent lamp has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, intelligent control and other advantages, but the light angle is always a problem facing the LED bulb, currently on the market a large number of applications of the emitting angle of LED bulb only 180 degrees.

The 360 degree led light bulb lamp series is made up of three-dimensional wide angle light emitting design, the luminous angle is as high as 360 degrees. Light angle 360 degrees bulbs include 6W, 8W, 10W, 12W series of products.

High-quality LED driver and LED chip

Our power driver is developed and strictly controlled. Strict control of raw materials, so as to ensure the quality of products. “Our bulb lighting effect reaches 100lm/w, the color rendering index of more than Ra80, and through CE certification, CNS standard.”

Patent product and development strength

As a professional LED lighting company, our company set the development, production, design, sales and service in one company, product coverage of indoor lighting, and many other LED applications, the full range of products of its production through the CE, RoHS certification, and obtained ISO9001 quality certification, obtained 8 product patents.
360 degree led bulbs