LED bulbs manufacturers choose the skills of the lamps

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LED bulbs manufacturers choose the skills of the lamps

LED bulbs manufacturers choose the skills of the lamps

See the material

1, first of all, we want to see the bulb of the material, whether it is suitable for thermal conductivity;

See the light source

2, see the bulb of the bulb to the light source will have much impact;

See the Chip and LED Driver

3, see the led bulbs of the chip and LED driver;

See the Producer information

4, packaging complete, there are detailed brand trademarks, addresses, telephone numbers and other information.


How to choose the LED light bulbs

LED bulbs quality leading LED plastic ball on the market a large part of the bulb, the installation is easy to use, high safety, ordinary energy-saving lamps when the temperature at 60-80 degrees Celsius, ordinary incandescent lamp at a higher temperature (80-120 C), a little careless encounter that will burn.
LED bulbs use LED as a light source, with a professional heat dissipation structure, and work at a low temperature (40-60 degrees Celsius), even if caught in the hands, it will not burn.
The average bulb power varies from 20W-100W, while the energy saving lamp power 5W-65W varies.

The bulb uses the LED as the light source, the power only needs 0.8W-12W to be able to replace 15W-100W’s ordinary bulb and 5W-50W’s energy conservation lamp.

It can be seen that the power ratio of LED bulb and ordinary bulb and the energy-saving lamp can reach 1:10.
The use of energy-saving lamps and ordinary light bulbs work at very high temperature (80-120 degrees C), and energy-saving light spectrum contains IR (infrared), the content of ordinary light bulbs more extensive use of environmental temperature will increase significantly, if it is in summer is significantly increased the refrigeration equipment work quantity and time, the ultimate result is the increase in power consumption.

The use of LED as a light bulb, but no IR spectra of LED light in (infrared) component, the whole structure and the heat dissipation structure design, normal working temperature is only 40-60 degrees, even though a lot of use, lower than ordinary light bulbs and energy-saving lamp produced by the temperature, if it is in summer is significant to reduce the workload and time of refrigeration equipment, combined with the differences in the use of power (1:10), the result is relatively reduced power consumption and saving costs, such ultimate reflects the bubble.

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