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LED lamp selection techniques

LED lamp selection techniques

1. Packaging and trade marks

LED lamp selection techniques. The state compulsorily requires the manufacturers of LED lamps to mark the following contents on the product packaging: rated voltage, voltage range, rated power and rated frequency. Generally speaking, the trademark printing quality of high-quality products is good, the logo is clear and distinguishable, it is not easy to wipe off with soft and wet cloth, and there are manufacturers trademarks and related certification marks, while poor-quality LED lamps and lanterns can be seen from their trademarks and labels at a glance. Generally, poor-quality LED lamps and lanterns are used simply by their manufacturers in order to save costs. Easy to print or duplicate labels, with a touch of the hand will be able to remove its ink, and there are no national provisions on the above, so when encountering this type of lamps and lanterns, try not to buy.

2. Appearance of LED tube

LED lamp selection techniques. In the selection of LED lamp products, the appearance of the lamp should be free of cracks, loosening and pinching marks between the interfaces, etc., so as to ensure that the lamp is safer in the subsequent use process, and the plastic shell of the lamp must choose the engineering plastic flame retardant type, which is characterized by its surface texture similar to ground glass, and can be on-site. You can feel it by touching it with your hands.

3. Work status

LED lamp selection techniques. The working state of the lamps can well reflect the quality of the LED lamps. Under the normal working state, the temperature rise of the LED lamps should be relatively low. If the heat dissipation condition is not good and the beads work at high temperature, the light decay will be great and the life of the lamps will be greatly reduced. At the same time, when the lamp is on and off, if there is a fast flash, it can not be seen for the scene of light decay, but you can touch the lamp shell with your hand, feel whether the temperature is rising quickly or too hot, etc., and switch several times to see if it will flash, etc. As long as there is an unqualified item, it is recommended that the lamp shell is touched by hand. Don’t buy this type of lighting fixtures.

4. Work voice

LED lamp selection techniques. Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is a must for electrical appliances. The packaging of LED lamps and lanterns must be marked with the national EMC test. In order to test the index of LED lamps, when choosing and purchasing lamps, you can take a medium and shortwave radio and put it near the working led lamps. The lower the noise the radio receives, the better the electromagnetic compatibility of the tested lamps, the better the quality of the natural lamps.

5. Power and integrated luminous efficiency

LED lamp selection techniques. The integrated luminous efficiency of LED lamps refers to the luminous efficiency of a product LED lamp, which is lumen/watt. The higher the value, the better the energy-saving effect of the lamp, the more power-saving it will be. When choosing led lamps, we must carefully check the luminous efficiency of such lamps, and try to choose high-quality lamps.

6. Color rendering index and color temperature.

LED lamp selection techniques. This is mainly to emphasize the ability of LED lamps to reflect real objects. Generally, there is no change in color or vision of real objects under the light. The better this kind of LED lamps is, of course, the higher the color temperature of this type of lamps is. Of course, the higher the color temperature is, the greater the illumination brightness is not. We must pay attention to these two differences when we have time.

7, coordination with the living room

LED lamp selection techniques. Lighting shape and color selection must be in harmony with the style of the whole room, so as to add to the icing on the cake, otherwise, it will not play a decorative role, and may backfire, so that your home decoration out of the ordinary.