Uncover the LED light bulb price difference why so big secret?

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Uncover the LED light bulb price difference why so big secret?

Uncover the LED light bulb price difference why so big secret?


Ten LED light bulb price difference, can be seen from the comparison with the same parameters of LED bulb, but the price is a lot of difference, such as a brand of 7W bulb is 48.9RMB, but another brand only needs 13.2RMB, the price difference of nearly 3 times, what is the cause of the same the parameters of product prices vary?

Different beads

Different quality beads price difference is very large, different types of beads also vary greatly. Is the same as the 2835 beads, some only need 2 cents less than others, to more than 7 gross.

Manufacturers in pursuit of The cost is low, the use of very poor quality beads, beads that often appear light very serious phenomenon, use a few months basically scrapped, such products as incandescent lamp lifelong.


Different PCB

The different materials PCB price difference is also very large. Such as aluminum substrate about 200-300RMB a square meter, FR4 about 150-200RMB square meters, the most low-end cardboard only need dozens of dollars a square meter. In fact, the same is the aluminum substrate, the same FR4, the price is not the same. Different material will have different thermal conductivity, the use of cardboard will cause LED heat cannot lead to, and thus affect the life of LED.

LED Driver Different

Different types of power prices are not the same, but the power supply fluctuations are the biggest, the impact of the entire product price is also the largest. For example, a resistance drop voltage power supply needs only more than one piece, while a better switching power supply needs five or six pieces, or even more than 10 pieces. The power supply has a great influence on the quality of LED bulbs, and the power supply with poor quality is prone to malfunction during use, such as dead lights, deeply fried machines, etc.

Structure Different

Different material structure, the price difference is huge, even the same material structure, the price is also a lot of difference. Such as plastic structure cannot compare with the metal structure. Similarly, the material structure, public mold, and private mold prices are much different. The quality of the material also affects the cooling of the product, and more importantly, the safety of the user.