Main parameters of LED light bulb

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Main parameters of LED light bulb

Main parameters of LED light bulb


Conventional color: warm white (WW), 2700-3200k (NW) 4000-4500K, the natural light is white (PW), Leng Baiguang 6000-6500K (CW) cold white 7000-7500k [here cold white difference and jewelry light, cool white light jewelry is generally 1500-2000K] in addition, red, green, blue and other single the color lamp can also do chang.


LED bulb power is generally below 12W. Common LED bulb power is divided into: 3W, 4W, 5W, 6W, 7W, 8W, 9W, 10w.

Voltage and Current

Voltage and current are also important parameters of LED bulb. The voltage of the grid in different countries in the world and the voltage used on some occasions are different. The common voltages are 12V, 110V, 220V, and 85v-265v. The current into the input current and lamp current. First: input current: can be tested by the power supply, different power is different, the instrument shall prevail. Second: lamp current: general high power is between 300mA to 320mA-. A large current of the LED light attenuation effect, so the current stability is also very important. Lamp current and voltage can not give too much, otherwise, it will seriously affect the service life of the LED lamp.

Light Efficiency

Light Efficiency is also an important factor in LED bulb. The current (August 2013), with the lamp light effect, CREE Nichia chip is about 150-0Lm/W. [light effect testing is not considered here, at present (2013-4 month, CREE announced the highest luminous efficiency for the 276Lm/W laboratory at home in Taiwan], chip beads light effect on 100-130Lm/W under the basic.

Luminous Flux

Lminous Flux is mainly determined by the luminous efficiency and power of LED bulb.


Illumination is general, lighting designers will consider more, in general, we consider very little. The unit of illumination for Lux, English Lux, can now also be abbreviated as Lx. Light flux 1 Lm uniform distribution generated in the 1 square meters. The illuminance on the surface of the table is usually used illumination measurement meter using a simple, cost cheap, can be used as the reference illuminance meter to measure in the absence of integrating sphere system.


Depreciation in layman's terms, is the bulb in the use of a certain time, the number of brightness down. The main factors that affect LED lighting decay are heat dissipation and current. Current instability, poor cooling effect, the light will be very serious. If the LED lamp is isolated constant voltage constant current LED driver, car aluminum lamp shell heat, light is controlled to less than 2 per thousand.

Color Difference

The color difference is the color temperature, general 2700-3200k will take into account the color difference problem. Warm white is what we usually say the yellow light, sometimes we bought two of the same brand, the same power of yellow light energy-saving lamps, light up in the same environment, will find a bright color, a color is dark, this is the color. In some cases, color difference is absolutely not allowed.


Color is the source of the object itself is called the degree of color, color is vivid; color light is a color index to indicate that it represents the object in the light color than the quasi-light (sunlight) from lighting color, can comprehensively reflect the color of light source. High color light source for color performance better, we see the color is also close to the natural color, low color rendering light source of poor color performance, we see the color deviation is also larger. International Lighting Committee CIE solar color index was set at 100, various types of the light source color rendering index are different, such as high-pressure sodium lamp color index Ra=23, fluorescent tube color index Ra=60~90. The color is divided into two categories: faithful color: the correct expression of the original color of the material, you need to use color rendering index (Ra) highlight source, its value close to 100, the best color rendering. Effect color: to highlight the specific color, the performance of the beauty of life, you can use additive method to enhance the color rendering effect.


There are highly brightness objects or strong brightness contrast in visual field, which can cause visual discomfort, called glare, glare is an important factor affecting the quality of lighting.

Service Life

LED in general instructions, can use more than 50000 hours, and some manufacturers claim that its LED can operate for about 100000 hours. The main problem in this respect is that the LED is not simply no longer operational, and its rated service life cannot be calculated with conventional lamps. In fact, when testing the life of the LED, no one stays around and waits for it to stop working. However, there are other ways to measure the life of LED. The reason why the LED is durable is that it does not cause filament fusing. LED will not stop working directly, but it will gradually degenerate over time. It has been predicted that high quality LED can maintain more than 60% of the initial brightness after 50000 hours of continuous operation. Assuming that the LED has reached its rated service life, it may actually still shine, but the light is very weak. In order to extend the life of LED, it is necessary to reduce or completely dissipate the heat generated by the LED chip. Heat is the main reason why LED stops working

Above is Main parameters of LED light bulb.