360 Degree LED Lamp Bulbs "R" Series

360 Degree LED Lamp Bulbs is High quality.
Omni-Directional lighting Chip On Board(COB).
100V-240V 8W A19(A60) 360 Degree LED Bulb - 80W Equivalent UL-listed Warm White 3000K/Daylight 5000K LED A19(A60) 360 Degree Light Bulb - 880lm-1000lm 300-360 Degree Beam Angle E26/E27/B22 Base A19 Bulb for Home, Residential, Commercial, General Lighting.

High Lumens High Quality High efficiency, CRI>80 120LM/Watt, C.O.B 82% Energy saving, Equivalent to 80-100W incandescent.

Long lifespan: average 25,000 hours(3hours/day usage), 360°beam angle, instant on to full brightness, flicker free.

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360 Degree LED Lamp Bulbs "V" Series

Fashionable and beautiful.
Nanostructured ceramic lamp cup, USES the high density of nano zirconia material.
High temperature, never deformation, does not rust.
International standard E27 screw, easy installation, electrical conductivity, More stable performance.

Crystal ceramic substrate, good heat dissipation, MCOB encapsulation technology, high efficiency.

More cost-effective, more competitive market, CE, RoHS certification, regular factory production, quality assurance

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360 Degree LED Lamp Bulbs "I" Series

High-end chip, high luminous efficacy
Low light decay, long service life, double side luminescence.
Irradiation light design 360 degrees, no dark space, no dead angle.
Ensure smooth current, intelligent constant current drive, is not caused by voltage change chip damage, long service life and light of LED chip quality, prolong the service life of the lamps and lanterns.

Widely used in shopping malls, office buildings, hotels, exhibition halls, conference rooms, hospitals, windows, home and other places, especially suitable for luxury high standard large space lighting decoration.

Own Patent. The high-end chip, low light decay, high luminous efficiency, high display, Super long life, up to 25000 hours or more. No radiation, no UV hazards, natural light.

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