360 Degree LED Bulbs

360 Degree LED Bulbs & Omnidirectional LED Light Bulbs

360 Degree LED Bulbs High Color-Rendering Index(CRI > 80), showing gorgeous colors. LED bulbs CRI is always higher than 80, close to the sun color rendering index, can show a true natural color. Long Life up to 15 years. The new design of a full range of LED light bulbs life of up to 25000 hours, in the next 15 years to create the atmosphere you need. Energy saving up to 80% energy consumption is very low. NVT Lighting has the extensive line-up of 360 Degree LED Light Bulbs available. This range of omnidirectional LED bulb allows the LED light to spread in all directions unlike other traditional LEDs which are directional. Our ranges of 360 Degree omnidirectional led bulbs are well suited for table lamps or anywhere else a 360 degree pattern of light is needed. With years of industry experience, we are committed to provide only quality solution to our customers. Our ranges of products are one of the best in the market. Also, we keep our prices reasonable so that buying 360 Degree LED bulbs is no more a burden for you. Also, our bulbs facilitate easy installation. Take time to visit our website and shop from our exclusive range of LED bulbs available for you. Omnidirectional LED allows the LED light to go in all directions unlike traditional LEDs which are very directional. This makes Omnidirectional LEDs well suited for table lamps, wall sconces or anywhere else a 360 degree pattern of light is needed. Omnidirectional LED bulb provides the widest possible spread of light, up to 320 degrees of beam angle (same as an incandescent bulb). The omnidirectional LED bulbs are particularly useful in situations where you intend to read by table lamp or floor lamp. Those lamps may be positioned higher than your reading surface, and the omnidirectional LED bulb will send plenty of light towards your pages. The omnidirectional LED bulb do a great job of providing an even distribution of light throughout your room. NVT lighting technology Company Limited has the largest lineup of omnidirectional LED bulbs available.