FAQs LED Bulbs Wholesale

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A. Pre-sale service

1. We will reply to any inquiries within 24 hours.
2. Warmly welcome people of insight to our factory to discuss business or visit our office;
3. We can provide hotel reservation and airport pick-up service.
4. We are a professional manufacturer of LED lighting bulbs in the International Trade Department.
We have the most experienced staff to answer any of your product questions.
5. Provide OEM & ODM services, we can produce any customized LED bulbs for you.
6. In our first cooperation, we can offer trial orders in small quantities or wholesale prices.
7. We have been trying our best to save manufacturing costs and provide you with ultra-high quality products at the most reasonable price.
8. Depending on the quantity of your order, there may be a big discount.
9. If the quantity is reasonable, the sample order will be free of charge.

B. After-sales service

1. We will continue to recommend our new products to our customers.
2. If we have any questions about our products, we will reply to you as soon as possible and give you the best solution.
3. Every customer will be saved in our business records, and we will try our best to satisfy you.
4. Regular customers will get a big discount. For more details, please contact our international sales.

FAQs LED Bulbs Wholesale

1How long will LEDs last ?
The LED Lights that we manufactured have rating of up to 50000 hours usage – that is compared to a typical incandescent lifetime of 3,000 Hours.

Much less time climbing ladders to change burnt out or flickering led lights. And some great cost saving straight back into your pocket.
1What is the main advantages of LED lights?
Lower power consumption – lighting energy saving of up to 80% when replacing traditional lighting.

Long lifetime may lasting of up to 50000 Hours.

Have fast switch times "instant on, No "warm up ' period "

Have no Infrared and UV Radiation.

are better for our environments, as they uses less energy and last longer – reducing our carbon footprint.

No more maintenance, as they are durability on design elements – advanced heat and optical managements
1Are LED lighting dimmable?
As LEDs are powered electronically, the dimming functions of globes is more versatile.

LED lighting are compatible with most existing dimmers in the markets.

Especially TRIAC dimmer (leading edge, trailing edge or Universal) are most suitable.
1What color is the light emitted?
Our LED lights are available in 3000K (Kelvin) which is a " warmer yellow".

4000K which is more neutral "daylight color".

Most commonly used in office buildings and 5500K which more cool white which is a "white bluish".
1Do I need change my wiring for LED Lights?
LED Lights is an advanced technology lighting products, while they are often compatible with "iron core" or "electrical transformers " already in ceiling, compatibility problems can exist between the different generations of technology, what's more, older transformers maybe reduce the lifetime of your led lights.

Before start your installation, you can inquiry our "technology support team" to provide a fully solution service to ensure the switching progress is as smooth as possible.
1Can I trust LED lights?
All of our LED lights are certificated to most of countries, CE and RoHS standards , as well they are manufactured based on strict LQS (Lighting Quality System) standards and come with a minimum 3 year warranty.
1How did you test for CRI, CCT and Lumens?
All of our LED lights are certificated to most of countries, CE and RoHS standards , as well they are manufactured based on strict LQS (Lighting Quality System) standards and come with a minimum 3 year warranty.
1Is each tested before it is shipped?
Yes, each Item is individually tested and tuned to the optimal color point before shipment.
1How do you keep the color of the Item consistent?
One of the biggest strengths of our technology is that it allows for exceptional color control and consistency.

We dial in the color of each light to the optimal color point on the assembly line.

We utilize active color maintenance to ensure that color consistency is maintained over the life of the product.

Our specification is equal to or tighter than specifications for compact fluorescent lamps.
1What is the efficiency of the Item?
The optical system is designed to deliver light with minimal optical losses.

However, efficiency is somewhat difficult to measure since there are no lamps and the LEDs are permanently integrated with the optical system.

A better measure of the performance is efficacy.
1Does the item have a damp or wet rating?

The item is rated damp. We expect to have a wet listing in the future.
1Do your products contain any lead?

All products are lead-free and RoHS compliant.