Up to Perfect the Omnidirectional Lighting

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Up to Perfect the Omnidirectional Lighting

Up to perfect the omnidirectional lighting

Since ENERGY STAR has followed the incandescent light, the omnidirectional standard has been set up to help people replace incandescent lamps with LED bulbs, but LED has directional light and heat dissipation.
Do the omnidirectional lighting of the standard can be said to violate the nature of the LED, the high degree of difficulty.

Is it important for omnidirectional lighting? Very important

The actual application, the omnidirectional lighting is very important.
when the lamp is not suitable for the light source, often caused by the bright light of the place is not bright enough, so had to use a brighter light to make up; and should not bright but bright, Affect the overall lighting quality, so the lighting is not appropriate distribution of light, but also caused a waste, or even light damage, which is ENERGY STAR set the omnidirectional lighting the original intention of the standard.

So the LED bulb to be able to do the omnidirectional lighting is the real ultimate goal, the omnidirectional lighting is the most natural and comfortable light form, the light is not even glare, there are more bright visual effects, but also to play the original lighting design Think of a beautiful lighting, hundreds of thousands of thousands of range, if the light source can not be faithfully presented under the design of texture and lighting situation, it is not a waste it?

Is the filament light omnidirectional lighting? No

LED filament lamp in recent years is very red, one of the reasons is that LED filament lamp looks like incandescent, so the first impression will feel that this must be the omnidirectional lighting it!
But the fact is the opposite, the general LED filament lamp is standing four, six or eight, so his luminous characteristics but a strong side of the light, before and after the very few, are the whole side of the light, so LED light Not suitable as a lighting source, when the decorative lights will be more in line with its characteristics.
Incandescent: standard omnidirectional lighting; because it is in the middle of a horizontal filament light, so there are some differences in symmetry
Spiral energy-saving light bulbs: side light, with the higher power, the longer the longer side of the more obvious; symmetry good
LED filament light: complete side of the light, almost no light before and after; four upright filaments, poor symmetry
Light board double-sided LED light: up to perfect the omnidirectional lighting, the omnidirectional lighting uniform light, low glare, suitable for most flood lighting environment